Thursday, April 24, 2008

Word has it...: Meet Aznil the teacher

By: Hafidah Samat / The News Straits Times / 22 April 2008
Aznil Nawawi will teach kids how to communicate effectively.

Aznil Nawawi will teach kids how to communicate effectively.

WE all adore him. I’m talking about the irreverent, quirky and on-the-edge TV personality/director/producer/actor/singer, Aznil Nawawi.

For many years, TV viewers have been in awe of his dynamic personality as well as his friendly and amiable nature that puts people at ease.Contacted recently, the multiple award-winning TV and radio personality was excited about his latest project.
Titled “Speak Up Their Mind”, the venture is co-supported by the Education Ministry. It will see Aznil conducting workshops for primary school children so that they understand the fundamental right of freedom of expression.
Essentially, the purpose of the workshop is to develop educational tools that are child-friendly, to convey social issues that affect them and to empower them to communicate their opinions on various issues or subjects.

The workshops, which Aznil will facilitate, will include storytelling, intonation, body language and learning Bahasa Melayu.Aznil hopes that children will be able to share their different stories and feel “liberated” through the programme.
“Ultimately, the workshops will help children gain confidence to effectively communicate their experiences through storytelling,” said Aznil.“As they scrutinise their stories with one another, they will learn,” he added.
According to him, the idea came after doing “Anak-Anakku”, a segment from his award-winning variety show “Macam-Macam Aznil”, aired on Astro Ria (on Channel 104).
The highly-rated show bagged the Best TV Talkshow award at the 2005 Asian Television Award in Singapore.
“I noticed that out of 200 kids who attended the show, only 15 to 20 of them could speak their minds. It is disheartening and I wish to use my skills to help them to learn a thing or two about expressing themselves,” he added.In ensuring the project kicks off smoothly, Aznil, who has dabbled in the showbiz industry for 18 years, has studied the master plan for children’s education in Malaysia.
He has also visited Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein who has equivocally agreed that the time is right for an industry icon to work with the children.“
I’m extremely touched by the support and encouragement given by the Ministry. This is my way of showing my expression to my fans who have stood by me all these years,” said Aznil, who has just returned from attending two-day auditions with children for his show, “Tom-Tom Bak”, which is aired on Astro Ria.
The one-year project will be launched either in June or July.
Aznil will visit the respective schools during weekends.He admitted that he is excited about where this can lead and hopes to take this further by encouraging more participation amongst the children.“I see children as catalysts and trainers who will help other children to speak out,” he said.


Tieah Madian said...

> Abg Aznil memang pandai layan bebudak nie.......
> Ok la tue =)
> Saya tak baca sangat la artikel nie.
> Dalam bahasa inggeris........x minat sangat......
> pa2 pun, good luck to u.....

Unknown said...

Salam Pak Nil!

Kudos to you on the above project. I believe that we have to give back to community after all that has been given to us.. Especially being a household name with children, it is only right that you work with them for the betterment of the next generation. May Allah swt recognises all your effort. InsyaAllah.

~Anny~ P/S: Met you personally way back in the 90s at Sheila Majid's RAP concert... Hey mudanya kita masa tu!...hehe=)

Atikah HM said...

good to noe dis :)

Ruby said...

salam aznil...semoga bertambah ceria dan nk comment ckit ler..tom tom bak tu byk sgt nyanyi dr mencungkil komunikasi berkesan dr kanak2. Tak elok ler ajar budak2 ni nyanyi...kalau ajar nyanyi memuji Allah dan rasul kan lebih baik dari mnyanyi dan menari entah aper2.

minyakangin said...
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